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About Gamma Pharmaceuticals

Gamma Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2007 in Hungary/Europe. We served several years in Pharmaceutical Industry for big and well known Pharmaceutical companies. We worked on Human and Veterinary medicines formulation, analyses and raw material testing till 2015. From 2013 to 2015, we also gave support for well known UGL brands in market who produce steroids and hormones. Their product quality became better with our experience.

By the way in 2015, we decided to produce in our own brand in steroid market. We started to produce same high quality products for our Gamma Pharmaceutical Products. We believe in that our products will be well known and hot seller products in market. While we were on producing process, we sent samples to professional sportsman and got good reviews. We also have great results in laboratory testing of our products.

We moved our company to Singapore because of steroid laws in Europe. We are still in Singapore and producing best anabolics for our customers.

We Care About

We do our best to produce best quality steroids for our customers health. By the way, we use well known PH quality chemicals. Because we care about our customers' healths.

Gamma Pharmaceuticals cares about customers' success. Bodybuilers, Athletes and all sportsman. We supply best anabolics for our customers to increase their successes.